Advanced Professional Practice Placement

Training Aim

This module aims to allow the learner to incorporate theories, strategies, and learning from the other modules (particularly their chosen specialism) into their practice and leadership in an Early Learning and Care setting. The Professional Practice module is central to learning and the application of knowledge for the learner. It is the module that connect and interacts with all other modules and allows the learner to experience the practical application of theory to practice.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Incorporate theory, philosophy and learning strategies into their professional Practice.
  2. Assess, observe, document, and plan for children’s learning and development.
  3. Develop policies and a competent system for leading a Team and/or Service to support quality provision and practice.
  4. Communicate in an effective manner with all stakeholders.
  5. Develop strategies informed by the theory to work in partnership with ELC stakeholders.
  6. Demonstrate team leadership/mentoring and supervisory skills while working independently and/or in a supervisory competency taking responsibility of own work and/or the work of others.
  7. Be a reflective practitioner with the ability to engage in inclusive and transformative leadership.

Assessment Method

  • Portfolio/Collection of work – 100%

How To Enrol